L’Oreal Paris Golden Lace

L'Oreal Paris Golden Lace2

Although I absolutely love to paint my nails, I often find myself leaving a manicure job to the last minute and we all know that is when disaster strikes! So this is why I am a massive fan of nail stickers. In fact, it’s really just the L’Oreal Paris ones I love especially as they come with the adhesive tabs. I love them!

If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to do your nails then you are going to absolutely adore these. I managed to do a full set in roughly 2 minutes at the weekend and I was straight out the door. There’s no drying time, and absolutely no having to be careful. It’s actually a dream!

They promise to last for 10 days but mine seem set to outlast that. For nail art idiots like me, these are really perfect. If you get them right, they actually look quite natural and that you really have a skill! I always get compliments when I use these L’Oreal Paris nail stickers and I love them when I am in a rush and my nails really need doing. You just whack them on and go!

You can find them at L’Oreal Paris counters for Rs.299 a pack.