New Things: TIGI

Hope everybody is enjoying the last day of the month! I’m having a lazy day, recovering after a much needed night out yesterday, so I thought it was a nice time to share some of the hottest products being used this Summer. Let’s face it, it’s practically Summer already, we haven’t really even had a Spring this year – boooo! First up is the TIGI Bed Head ‘Ego Boost’, available across India – phew! A Split End Mender, this product just screams ‘sell-out!’. Reviews of this have been done to death in the blogging world, so I will keep mine short and sweet 😉 Of course, people are going to go crazy for the 237ml bottle, these products have become a bit of a collectors item in the beauty world and always seem to hit the spot. When the weather is a bit milder I let my hair go au naturel most of the time, so a quick upside down 1-2 min blow dry with a little scrunch action at roots for volume and at ends to encourage curl.  Ego Boost Split End Mender from TIGI’s Bed Head range is rich and creamy, great for a little extra definition and hold. I adore the packaging cuteness and the sweet scent is pretty swoony too.

Another new product, comes from the Candy Fixations range & is their Sugar Dust, which is already available. I was sent it to try (I have to say I do kinda love the names). You have probably seen this EVERYWHERE, I do feel that perhaps TIGI have been slightly too all-encompassing in their Blogger PR campaign, but I guess it’s good for you the reader as it means you have lots of reviews to read before you decide whether to purchase or not. I have only used it twice so far, so can only give it a mini-review at this time. Before blow drying I add a spritz of Sugar Dust Hair Powder (to the roots only) for serious va va voom! I then blow dry in medium sized sections with a large round ceramic vented brush, concentrating on the roots. Definitely something that will be travelling with me on my upcoming trip abroad. Review pending 🙂

So there you have it! A mini-round up of new things I’m trying from TIGI 🙂 Are you going to try and get your hands on these? Thoughts?

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