Oh So Burgundy…

Maybelline Colorshow Burgundy Blend

It was never going to be long before a berry burgundy lippie popped up on the blog, was it? Pathetic. Ah well, sharing the love and all that – a new appreciation for ‘out-there’ lip colours has been birthed but I’m always going to have a special place in my heart for anything toned with B.B (berry burgundy). Enter the Maybelline Lipstick in Burgundy Blend

Now I’m well aware I’m about a year too late to the Maybelline makeup party. But nothing has really pulled me in since its release besides their blushes. But with every beauty lover and their dog raving on about their lipstick range I decided to take the plunge. With Plum-tastic out of stock, Burgundy Blend was next on my wishlist, so off I trotted to the checkout. Nice packaging? Check. Creamy and buildable? Check. Leaves a berry burgundy sheen to the lips? Oh yes. Now although it is creamy, it is slightly on the matte side, so a good swipe of Maybelline Baby Lips under this is much appreciated. But overall I’m impressed – it certainly stands up next to my mainly MAC lipstick stash. Plum-tastic – I will own you one day.

The Maybelline lipsticks can be picked up in counters or online for the pretty reasonable cost of Rs.299.