Pocket Sized Beauty

I know they say that bigger is always better, but somethings are just more pleasing to the eye in miniature. Case in point: makeup. Often frequenting the ‘gift with purchase’ category, accompanying a set with their dainty features or just available in straight-up travel size, I have quite the adoration for the little things and try to stifle back an audible ‘awwww’ whenever one comes into my possession. Perfect for lobbing in the handbag, on holiday, hey – even popped in your pocket if you’re a tote-free kinda gal here’s the petite picks from my stash. Note: ‘awwww-ing’ mandatory…

One wee option for base that fits this criteria is the L’Oreal Mat Magic Compact which is available from all L’Oreal counters. It’s always a little difficult to delve in big-size with new complexion products so a taste-sized product is a welcomed idea – brands take note. A product that was added in a whim was the Studiowest Pure Passion Radiance Blush in Pink Quartz. Not my favourite blush out there but a palm-sized compact that often gets thrown in on my travels.

Of lips, the Studiowest Pure Passion Long Lasting Lipstick is not by description a miniature but was packaged to be a pocket friendly option in slimmed-down casing. Available for your possession from Westside I have the pinked-up peach Apricot Blush, but Blushing Mauve and Coral Reef – I’m coming for you. Not to neglect colour for your lids, the Studiowest Maya Crystal Eye Shadows are some of the daintiest offerings I’ve seen. The pint-sized palette is just the right size for someone who wants to test and trial the formula.

Cosmetics cuteness complete and ‘awwwing’ period over – I reached my conclusion a long while ago. Sometimes makeup is just better in miniature, right?