Revisited: 10 Signs You’re a Beauty Addict

One of the best bits of delivering a daily dose of beauty stuff to you guys is the messages that I get after each post. Witty, intelligent and always hilarious. It’s nice to see makeup mavens flock together and share our passion for copious amounts of lipsticks, MUJI storage and the newest ‘OMG, HG, need-it’ products. Case in point, last week’s ’10 Signs You’re a Beauty Addict’ post which had me belly-laughing for a full five minutes while taking in all the messages. Some were just too good not to share, so here’s a selection of my favourite beauty addict anecdotes:

  • You open Google Chrome and the list of most visited websites on the new tab page are all beauty-related.
  • You pay more attention to what Beauty bloggers post on your News feed than your friends…
  • You use beauty terminology and acronyms to family and friends who have no idea what you mean like HG, contouring, crease, MUA etc.
  • You pause YouTube videos to nip over to Nykaa and buy…makeup.
  • If there is even a whiff of a stock shortage on something, you panic and buy 5 backups.
  • The phrase ‘Gift With Purchase’ causes a surge of adrenaline, second only to the phrase ‘Limited Edition’.
  • You buy brand new makeup and die to try it but have to wait until you take pictures for Instagram. 🙂
  • The makeup bag gets bigger in size every time you buy a new one, so you won’t have to cram everything in. BUT you still end up cramming everything because you decided to carry around few more items, since there’s more room.


You guys – you do make me chuckle. And, yep I’m guilty as charged on all the above counts.