Sharing the Love

As it’s just a few days to go for the Day of Love, I thought why not share some love in this part of the internet. So here are all the details of all the guys & girls who have my heart in the beauty world.

There are soo many new & amazing beauty content creators to discover & honestly, if you’ve no other plans this weekend, I’d still say discovering new creators is a weekend well spent ☺️. Without further ado, here are a few places to find my personal faves:

Top 10 Beauty Blogs Post – Narrowing down the list for my top 10 was a little difficult, but I stand by this selection even today. All fantastic blogs to check out if you’re into makeup in any way, shape or form. Just make sure you’ve a couple of free hours before exploring this list.

Best Beauty Instagrammers & Nail Artists to Follow on InstagramAh Instagram! If you’re up for checking out a ton of new accounts, you could always check my following list, but for the abridged version, check out these posts to find the créme-de-la-créme of this world.