Simple Smoky Eye

You know sometimes you get that sudden rush of inspiration when it comes to makeup? As sad as it sounds, that is what has happened to me over the past few weeks 🙂 The first thing I think about when I wake up is what makeup I am going to wear that day. I know it’s lame – but hey we all need something to give us that kick out of bed at 6.30am 😉 So something that I have been experimenting with is an uber simple smoky eye – no fancy colour combinations going on here, just one colour blended all over the lid and slightly above the crease, it seriously takes 2 minutes with my trusty MAC 217. I have been leaning more towards deep browns, nothing too on the cool side – more warm taupes and these are my fav’s.

Brown in Revlon Eternal Summer

A stunning purple toned brown, this is probably my favourite out of the bunch. It does contain a slight shimmer to it, but this is forgotten after a good blend with a 217. This gives an instant smoky eye and I find that it is the perfect compliment to my brown eyes. I have tried a few Revlon eyeshadows in my time and I have to say I am always impressed, the pigmentation is great, they have a creamy butter-like consistency and come in a great range of (mostly) everyday, wearable shades.

Lower right dark brown in Revlon Brazen

This is a shade that I lusted after for ages, after hearing constant ravings. It is very similar to the one in Eternal Summer in the way that it has a tone of purple running through it, but also contains an equal amount of bronze. It’s a velvet finish and so blends very smoothly on the eye, although it does have a shimmer to it. I love this blended all the round the eyes – all over the lids and then blended under the eye too – yeah I really go for it with this shade 😉

Brown end of Covergirl Shadowblast in Citrus

This shadow stick is a go-to brown for a neutral eyeshadow lover like myself! I find myself reaching for this shade pretty often considering the ridiculous amount of shadows I own. The brown shade is one that I don’t even think I swatched till a few weeks (despite having this stick for over a year now!). All the reviews complaining of glittery fall-out put me off. But if you give your brush a good shake before you apply it all over the lid it is the perfect golden brown shade.

Right, predictable post over 😉 What are your favourite products for a quick smoky eye? Any other ridiculously neutral eyeshadows that I need to try – go on – tempt me!!