So You’ve Got ₹5,000 to Spend at Nykaa..

One of the most common questions I get asked is “I want to shop at Nykaa, what should I get?” My answer to that would be my whole damn blog could serve as Nykaa shopping inspiration but today I thought ‘why not get a bit specific?’ So this is my attempt to answer that question to my best abilities. I’m imagining a scenario where maybe you’ve got a ₹5,000 gift card or an equivalent amount set aside to go crazay on that website.

Set 1: The Makeup ListRuby’s Organics Skin Tint Mattifying Foundation ₹1,650 + Huda Beauty Faux Mink Lash ₹1,655 + Ciate London Pretty Stix Creme Shine Lipstick ₹1,650 = ₹4,955. 3 categories that I absolutely hoard! The Ruby’s Organics Foundation is a safe choice for an everyday wear foundation as it’s organic. It’s really nice & has medium coverage. I just love the Huda Beauty Lash so much! The texture is magnificent & they look real! If you’re looking for stunning & highly pigmented colours in a lip loving formula, then the Ciate London Lipsticks are what you’re looking for! Colours to check out:- Boho, Romcom & Heartbreaker.

Set 2: The Skincare ListTonymoly Floria Brightening Foam Cleanser ₹900 + Perenne Clarifying Oil Control Toner ₹450 + Minimalist Alpha Arbutin 2% Serum ₹549 + Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask ₹500 + Innisfree Apple Seed Lip & Eye Makeup Remover ₹550 + Dot & Key Lip Polish Exfoliating Sugar Scrub ₹645 + BodyHerbals Almond Coconut Body Butter ₹599 + Iba Halal Care Invisible SPF50 PA+++ Sunscreen ₹395 + MCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Foot Scrub ₹395 = ₹4,983. I know I’ve mentioned a lot of products here but if you’ve got 5K & you want to invest in good skincare, I wanted to cover the entire spectrum of skin needs. The Tonymoly cleanser deeply cleanses the skin without drying it out which is a plus for all skin types. The Perenne toner is great for acne prone skin & is a must add in your skincare regime. The Minimalist serum actually works & you’ll find the texture of your skin to be smoother after a few days of use. The Laneige mask is amazing! I admit I bought it because of all the hype around it and it’s SO good. If you’re looking for a cheap alternative for the MAC Makeup Remover, the Innisfree one is it! I’d say it’s still not as good as MAC but definitely better than the Maybelline makeup remover. Dot & Key does an awesome lip scrub! I love the smell. The BodyHerbals Body Butter keeps my skin hydrated for a long time & also makes it glowing & radiant. The Iba Halal Sunscreen absorbs into the skin so well! It leaves no white cast & is neither oily nor sticky! I’m so impressed with the MCaffeine foot scrub! Of course because of the fragrance as it smells like coffee but also because it does such a good job at exfoliating feet. It definitely makes my feet feel more soft, supple & moisturised. I’ve been using this twice a week & do notice a difference after each use.

Set 3: The Haircare ListL’Occitane Huile Reparatrice Repairing Oil ₹2,500 + Tangle Teezer Compact Styler Detangling Hairbrush ₹1,400 + Innisfree My Hair Recipe Repairing Hair Mist ₹990 = ₹4,890. 3 tools that make haircare all the more easier. The L’Occitane oil, although expensive, is one of the best serums available. It leaves the hair non-greasy & shiny till your next wash. The Tangle Teezer hairbrush is one of my favourite tools out there. It doesn’t tug or pull your hair while combing which definitely reduces hair breakage. Consider it an investment rather than a splurge. The Innisfree hair mist has impressed me a lot. It adds just the right amount of moisture. My hair has become far more smooth & non-frizzy than before.

Set 4: The Personal Care ListBath & Body Works A Thousand Wishes Glowing Body Scrub ₹1,699 + Forest Essentials Velvet Silk Body Cream Indian Rose Absolute ₹1,799 + The Body Shop Face & Body Brush ₹1,195 = ₹4,693. This list has my ride or dies. B&BW has one of the best body scrubs out there. This one has glitter chunks but they fall away & aren’t something to worry about. This scrub will leave your skin soft & smells amazing! The FE body cream is extremely luxurious. It’s not heavy at all & I always notice that whenever I use perfume after using this, it tends to stay on for longer. The Body Shop brush is so soft on the skin! It glides effortlessly & helps in achieving an even coverage easily. I’ve been using this for the past year & have not noticed any shedding yet.

Lessons learnt from researching for this post: 1. Trying to fit amazing products within 5K is more difficult than you’d think. 2. 5K doesn’t really get you a lot of items from premium beauty brands. However, I’ve tried my best to include some kickass items over here, so if you’re planning to shop during a sale or actually have a 5K gift card (lucky you!) I hope this post helps!