Spring 2016 Nail Polishes

2016 nail polishes swatch

Fellow bloggers aside, you guys are my biggest enablers. The comments you leave with suggestions of products you think I’ll love, Facebook messages giving me a nudge to indulge and tweets opening my eyes to tempting special offers left right and centre. Well the latter ended up in a snappy Nykaa order the other day when they were offering some amazing deals; ordered at lunchtime and in my hands by 10 am the following day – that’s what I like. The purchase in question – nail polishes…

Now that Dad gets to see all my purchases come through the door, he insisted on a quick inspection stating that these ‘weren’t very springy’ shades. Cheers for the input buddy. But that’s what I like most about the newest range; yes there’s the obligatory shimmering brown and festive pink but there’s also a raging black that wouldn’t look out of place in an AW set and a slightly mauve tinged silver. Revlon Autumn Spice is top of the pack, a brown jelly flecked with red glitters – two coats of this bad boy and you’re well on the way to that merry mood. The pink offering, Lakme Berry Business, other than having the most evocative name of the bunch is a full on cream pink that has a taste of ‘ring finger accent’ goodness about it. Max Factor Angel is a bright silver that ditches the usual metallic tones of the season and whacks out an unusual soft hue. And easily the most un-springy of the quad is L’Oreal Black Swan, a ballsy black. My only niggle with this is the weeny brush that accompanies it.

As I said I got these from Nykaa. My pick? The frivolously festive Berry Business, a strong contender for my Valentine’s Day polish (yes I put a lot if consideration into these things!). And I guess all there is to say is thank you guys and keep those recommendations coming – my bank balance hates you, but I bloody love ya!