The Accent Nail

When it comes to nail art, I’m pretty lame. Partly due to the fact that even painting my right hand is a struggle for me and and partly down to the fact that while I love looking at crazy ‘gawd you could have someone’s eye out with those’ jewelled-up, blinged-out talons (check out last week’s post), it’s sort of a look but don’t touch thing. There is one trend though that I can dip my tips in to without too much trouble. The accent nail. It’s genius. You only ever need to puff, pant and paint something fancy on one nail of each hand. Dots, lines, textures – whatever – throw it on the ring finger and be done. Here are my top 3 effects to lacquer up that one special nail with:

Glitter. The easy choice. Ah c’mon – everyone has got a glitter, surely? Just layer up on your chosen nail; prettiness without the pain of having to remove it from all ten. Two of my favourites? OPI’s Come to Papa-razzi (as worn above) and MyGlamm’s Confetti.

Dots. I love it when a nail art look requires no weird and wonderful tools. All you need for this one is your favourite glitter polish and a hair pin. Dip the pin in the polish and dot on the base of your nails, I dub it the ‘Dot to Dot Mani‘, how original. Place on just two or all ten digits.

Half and Half. Here’s an idea. Paint all your nails with one shade, then use a contrasting colour on the ring finger, leaving the cuticle and edges of the nail exposed. One of my favourites and with the right brush – ridiculously easy to do.

There you have a guide to the accent nail, a.k.a. the clumsy girls guide to nail art.