The Simple Cat Eye Flick Tip

So I think I’m finally getting there with eyeliner. Over the years my struggle with the stuff has been a well documented one (see here), but I’ve really got to grips with a well-known tip that’s helped me master the feline flick. It’s nothing new and is a process I’ve proposed before but the tools and technique have just clicked into place and it’s now a look that I feel comfortable throwing on in a 5 minute window (before I needed more like 35 and the time it took to re-do my eye makeup from scratch 3 times on the clock).

Firstly – the tools. I call up a makeup remover, my weapon of choice is the Bioderma Crealine H20 Solution, pointed cotton buds, mine are from Nykaa and a fat black liner, to the frontline. My favourite eyeliner at the moment is the L’Oreal Paris Super Liner in Blockbuster. Chunky and thick I thought we wouldn’t get on, but the stiff nib and true black pigment make it one of the easiest formulas and set-ups I’ve tried. So here’s the deal. You get to work on your line, beginning wherever you want and pulling it out towards where your brow ends. If things get messy then that’s where the makeup remover and buds come in. Dip the pointed tip into the solution and tidy things up; honing the flick into your desired shape. I’ve tried it before with normal cotton buds, but the thin ended ones make all the difference.

I even sported my flick out of the house and no one batted an eyelid. Success. Or so I thought until I got home to find a panda-like smudge pattern on each lid thanks to vigorous eye rubbing throughout the day. So perhaps I haven’t perfected the whole eyeliner thing just yet…