The Ta-Dahs

Every now and again at the beginning of a product love-affair, I have one of those light bulb moments. Ta-dah! Maybe it’s because it’s true to its word, performs its function like no other or the formula is just so time/space/product saving – whatever the reason behind my beauty epiphany something that gives me a eureka moment is sure to go to the top of my cosmetic charts. The following four picks all monopolise their respective categories, have got me stroking my non-existent beard and exerting a knowing ‘ah-ha’…

I’ll address the least exciting, but the most practical of the bunch first – The Body Shop’s Honeymania Hand Cream. It rolls just like any other hand hydration offering: sinks in well, non-greasy but tends to dry palms. The backs of hands show ageing first, so protecting them from the biggest cause of it is a bit of a no-brainer. An easily luggable essential that’s been stuck in my handbag since purchase. For hair I’m a floozy and tend to flit from styler to shampoo but one steady product that I always work in post-wash is Pantene’s Daily Moisture Renewal Conditioner. I leave the Daily Moisture Renewal conditioner on for as long as I can and once that is rinsed away, my hair feels even silkier. Its protective layer helps reduce friction and leave hair with moisture and movement. Score.

Makeup-wise there are two wowzers, both that I’ve mentioned before but I thought I’d hammer home my thoughts on them once again. First up, Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer. Oh. My. Word. I thought I’d tried and tested the whole primer thing, but shadow staying power took on a whole new level with this underneath. The only thing that keeps my oily pooled lids in check – could I rave about this product even more? No I think not. The other took me a while to get in to the groove with, but L’Oreal’s Mat Magique Compact in N6 is becoming quite the daily habit. I like to dust a little of this all over, especially on days when I need to my makeup to stay in place for 6 hours plus. A redness-banishing glow giver, that seems to keep everything set while being completely undetectable – a seemingly impossible brief is filled.

There you have it – four star standouts that were the root of a ‘ta-dah’ moment. Up for some audience participation? What’s making your current ta-dah cut?