The Ultimate Finishing Hairbrush Review: Tried and Tested

Well I am always going on about how vulnerable hair is when it’s dry and so for me the Ultimate Finishing Hairbrush* is an absolutely brilliant tool to add to my arsenal of hair styling tools and products. Here’s the low-down:

Now I am a Tangle Teezer woman through and through but I just love how great the Ultimate Finishing Hairbrush is on dry hair! Brushing or combing dry hair can be a hair health nightmare and if it snags, it can stretch and snap very easily. The Ultimate Finishing Hairbrush glides through dry hair without tugging or catching and gently pulls out any tangles as it goes. I have no idea how! I don’t know about bristles but the design is very clever for sure and it uses thin, strong yet super flexible bristles that react to tangles in the right way either yielding or unbending as required. I don’t really care how it works…it just does!

The ultimate finishing hairbrush

The Ultimate Finishing Hairbrush is also great for dry-styling and smoothing the hair, leaving hair looking great & feeling fabulous. Love it! I think every hairdresser needs one of these! I am a true Tangle Teezer fan and always will be and the Ultimate Finishing Hairbrush actually works really well on wet hair too. It is a very good all-rounder. It has a great non-slip finish that makes it really easy to use. The only thing it lacks is the ability to stand up in my shower like the Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash.

The Ultimate Finishing Hairbrush is available from Tangle Teezer for £15.

*PR Sample