The Weekend Post #18: First Time Spa-er

spa la vie by l'occitane

relaxing aromachologie massage

I’ll let you in to a secret – I’ve never done the whole ‘spa thing’ before. Yes I’ve had a facial, but the ‘wander round in your robe, being put to sleep by a masseuse‘ experience? No. I’ve only dreamt that day would come. Well it did. A few days ago, in the heart of South Mumbai. And surprise, surprise – it was positively dreamy.

The location for my detox was the Spa La Vie by L’Occitane; where robe wearing is encouraged and there’s a light whiff of lavender that scents the halls. It’s cool, calm, collected and feels like a little slice of getaway from the city despite being a 15 minute walk from Phoenix Mills (but more on that later).

I’ll address the massage first. I opted for the Relaxing Aromachologie Massage*: a 60 minute head-to-toe massage using Aromachologie essential oils – Lavender, Tea tree and Geranium, of course. Nothing too exotic or hard-hitting, just a good rub down at whatever intensity I fancied. Given it was my first time my masseuse (a petite girl with small hands and a soft touch) and I decided on a medium level of firmness and it was glorious. I would give you a blow by blow account but I sort of slipped in and out of real life awareness while trying my best not to slobber on the towel. That’s the best I can muster up. I do remember however that the final scalp massage moves were particularly heavenly. Note to self: more massages, more often.

When my hour was up I shuffled into the reception they escort you to post-treatment; home of the comfiest loungers in the world. Then I made a sneaky late-night trip to Phoenix. It was so darn close and the proximity to my favourite Lifestyle in the whole of Mumbai drew me in. In a zombie-like state after the afternoon’s activities and a glass of wine at dinner, some interesting purchases were made. I’m sure they’ll crop up round these parts soon.

You know what? I could get used to this Spa stuff.

*PR Sample