Vichy Eau Thermale Review

A review of the Vichy Eau Thermale*, has been in the works for a while. It was one of my first spa water samples a fair few months ago. I hadn’t had much experience with spa waters, so I have to admit that it took a while to get used to – but a few months down the line and it’s love. Prepare for a rave…

I love, love, love this spa water from Vichy. I’m a huge fan of Vichy anyway, but it just seems that with every new thing that I try, I love them more and more! I think that it’s because my skin gets so fed-up after I’ve been to work – it’s not that it gets particularly sensitive, just a bit temperamental. Especially around the eye area.

Vichy’s Eau Thermale has been formulated for sensitive skin, and so you just know from the off that it’s going to be soothing and calming. I love the fresh, cooling sensation that it brings upon application, and the amazing smell. It’s enriched with minerals, so it doesn’t dry skin out or leave it uncomfortable – neither does it leave a greasy residue!

There we go then; another ‘sigh of relief’ in a bottle. A soothing, calming, freshening formula that will placate the most irate of skins!

Will I always have a can of this in my stash? Yes. But then I’m a nutter. Have any of you tried the Vichy Eau Thermale? Or does it sit wistfully on your wishlist?

*PR Sample