Weekend Face

This past weekend was a massive success. After a night of partying on the Friday (and dancing around like a madwoman to that ‘Turn Down for What’ song), me and my old college friends chilled out with some serious Game of Thrones time on Saturday, before I trekked back on Sunday – A-mazing! And I have to say that for once I packed extremely light for my weekend away! I took my usual makeup bag and filled it with the minimum amount of makeup that was acceptable for a beauty blogger 😉 And that meant that I wore the same makeup 3 days in a row – shocking I know!

I have been changing up my lip balm recently, the Sally Hansen will always be a favourite & I have been leaning towards a new coverage and so dug out Maybelline Clearglow BB Stick out of the archives. I have the shade Fawn which is probably a little dark for my skintone at the moment, but as it is so sheer it just adds the perfect amount of colour to my face. And it contains SPF so is great for day-times where that dreaded flash photography will not be used. For my lips & nails, I have been reaching for the fantastic Faces Go Chic Lipstick and Maybelline Express Finish 40 Second Nail Color in Brassy, I would highly recommend this combination for anyone! As I’ve said before I haven’t been using gloss recently, but I did bring my Milani clear gloss with me just so I could pop some over my lips before I entered the club 😉 I’m also having an ‘anti-liner’ phase, which makes me feel a bit sick when I think of my liner collection, whoops! So on the lids I just attempted to draw a thin line with the Lotus Herbals Botanical Eye Liner, I know this is a really over-hyped product, but rightly so! It adds a nice definition to the eyes.

When it comes to eyes I have also been layering on some of the MAC Pro Longwear Eye Liner in Black Ice that I have been raving about. Of course for ultimate eyelid perfection, I patted some dark brown from the Rimmel Glam’eyes HD Eyeshadow in English Oak.

Wow that was a bit of a makeup ramble! But I really just wanted to take a pretty picture of some makeup 😉 Hope everybody had a lovely weekend! If any of you guys have any posts that you would like me to do then let me know, I promise reviews on so many things I forget, so give my a gentle reminder and I’ll be on it!