Weekend Post #51: Streamlining Your Travel Kit

Streamlining Your Travel Kit skincare

Streamlining Your Travel Kit makeup

You know I have a bit of thing when it comes to travelling with beauty bits. Over the years through stints at college, home and travelling back and forth across the country to friends and family I’ve got packing down and slept on some rather interesting ‘beds’ in the process. But last weekend on a trip to stay with my grandparents I managed my biggest feat yet. Every single beauty-related item I needed for those two days was squeezed and sealed into my rather averagely sized clutch: body bits, hair, skincare, makeup, the lot. I ended up taking so little back with me that I packed it all down into my handbag; no suitcase required. Now the brief for the weekend was ‘chillax’ meaning that I didn’t need any fancy products, nor garb aside from a pair of comfy PJ’s. Still, I’m impressed. Next time you’re off for a low-key weekend away here’s what you actually need:


  • Perfume. Do I need to elaborate?
  • Makeup Remover. Yes, I know you’ve read ahead and only spotted three items. Allow me to explain. Whenever I’m away I get lazy. I’m not in my usual set-up with an abundance of facial products overflowing out my drawers or with an abundance of time to use the bathroom; it’s time to get simple. First step – makeup removal. I pack in this Maybelline Micellar Water.
  • Cleanser. This is one of those steps that just makes me feel clean. Makeup remover on its own just doesn’t cut it and a quick two minute massage and massage off (I use a damped cotton pad when I’m in a pinch), in the bathroom won’t hurt. I ended up bringing Olivia’s Golden Glow Face Wash.
  • Moisturiser. Toners, serums, oils and treatments can be cast aside for a few days – but moisturiser. Well, you always need a moisturiser. Pick one that is light enough for the day, but rich enough for the night. I got the Forest Essentials’ Light Hydrating Facial Gel in Pure Rosewateryes I went a bit crazy in there.


  • Foundation and Concealer. For base I use one rule to decide what one of my many foundation favourites will make the cut. Size. So many are housed in glass bottles and for travel that just won’t do. Either decant or go for a plastic offering; Olivia’s Instant Waterproof Makeup Stick.
  • Mascara. I add in whatever mascara I’m using at that moment – Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara was on the top of my pile so in it went.
  • Brow Product. This step can again be skipped if you rival Cara D in the brow department, but for sparse browed folk I’d recommend carrying a brow tool. I usually go for the Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit in Medium Dark.
  • Balms. Whether I’m leaving the house for two hours or two weeks there’s got to be a balm of some kind stationed in my bag somewhere. This tube of Lakme Lip Love is an obvious choice due to its size, and also just in case I needed something with a bit of a colour injection.

Streamlining your weekend away beauty bag; the extreme cut. Another plus point is there’s less to unpack on Sunday evening. Packing, I love, but unpacking? Yeah…not so much.