Westside Beauty: StudioWest


StudioWest is a new line of beauty products from the very same people who gave us Westside. When I heard that the new line was developed for Indian skin types, I satisfied my urge to splurge. Guess what 3 products ended up in my basket…

First on was their Maya Crystal Eye Shadow in Goldmine – nifty name, nifty product. A trio, containing reflective & pearl finish eye shadows. They’re super creamy & smooth and seamlessly blended in with fingers. A clear contender for the spot of everyday eye product – we’ll see. Next in the swatching line was the Pure Passion Radiance Blush in Pink Quartz, which was probably the product that got me the least hot under the collar but turned out to be my favourite of the bunch. I usually find blushes with shimmer in them turn out to be a bit of a dud, but Pink Quartz looks and feels equally gorgeous (if I say so myself) on the apples. Again I found my finger worked best with this pink tint which has since weaseled it’s way into my handbag. The Pure Passion Long Lasting Lipstick in Apricot Blush is the favourite that pricked my ears up to the world of StudioWest in the first place. No shimmer, no glitter, no gimmicks just sheen. It’s a soft peachy pink that will look excellent on light to medium complexions. Please do excuse the confused picture of yours truly above, but all I’m sporting are these three products blended over the eyes, cheeks and lips along with a ‘is my self-timer working’ look – simples.

StudioWest is still a bit of an elusive one; to get up close and personal with the products the only places they’re available in are Westside stores.