WiseShe Oval Brush: Fave or Faff?

WiseShe Oval Brush

If you haven’t seen or heard about oval brushes you must have been under a rock! They blew up on Instagram and have been highly coveted after ever since, but ‘that’ infamous brand came with a fairly hefty price tag. I was intrigued and as more dupe type brushes were released I really wanted to know what the hype was about so I jumped at the chance to test Anamika Sureka’s new venture of WiseShe Oval Brushes, and she kindly sent me the face brush*.

This hasn’t been officially launched yet so I was super happy to dive in. I figured the best way to test this is to do a full face of makeup so enough chit chat let’s hop in…

Foundation: First thing first this is incredibly soft, like silky soft. I found that this hugged the contours of my face. It didn’t drag the product or go on patchy. The only one down side was that it did create some minor streaking, but I can overlook this.

Colour Corrector and Concealer: I really struggle with using brushes under my eyes so this is more a personal preference for me than the actual brush. The products did blend, but I have very oily and thin under eye skin so for me it is not my preferred method of application.

Contour: It’s great for contouring. In hindsight, I wish I had used a lighter hand for my contour so I could have controlled the pigment, but that’s what this is all about, trial and error.

Highlight: Another success, applied my powder highlighter and blended like a dream. I like to buff and diffuse the highlight around the edges to avoid a harsh line and this worked fantastically.

Blush: This wasn’t great, it was too precise and as it was so dense it caused a lot of pigment to transfer on to the skin (and I love blush but even this was a bit much for me). I think I’ll be sticking to a fluffy tapered brush for applying my blush.

My overall thoughts… I think the face brush is a hit. Happily, I really liked this and if you are interested and the price point works (not disclosed yet) for you then I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I haven’t tried any super expensive brand so I can’t compare.

This brush is fun, that goes without saying but as I mentioned before there is a learning curve with the Oval Brush. I hope this helped.

*PR Sample